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Double installation allowing for a simultaneous wrapping of 2 pallets

MID.LOG 2.52

Stretch-wrapping rotating arm with programmable touch screen control panel.


Column, folded metal sheet made, max wrapping height: 2400 mm.

Bobbin carriage driven by gear motor with speed controllers and equipped with:
- Top/bottom stop detectors
- Cell for automatic detection of the height of the pallet
- Adjustable speed of the turntable and the carriage independant from each other during the cycle. 
- Gripping force electronically controlled by electromagnetic brake (ATECMAA PACKAGING patent), according to 5 different setpoints during the wrapping cycle.
- Permanent film monitoring and calculation of the film consumption per pallet
- Detection and indication of film breakage or empty bobbin
- Changing/loading the bobbin at ergonomic height with programmed position of the carriage

Rotating arm equipped with a mechanical safety system during the rotation (installed in an enclosure), driven by gear motor.
- progressive start and stop
- Indexed position
- Adjustable speed up to 15 turns/min as the stretch wrapper is installed in an enclosure with safety barriers.

Adjustable cycles.

Adjustable number of overwraps independant from each other at any level of the pallet.