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MID.LOG 1.10

1 program included for and simple control paneL. Wrapping of the load made easy.

Designed for simple and homogenous loads.

- Assembled parts of the machine:

Column : very strong section construction, folded metal sheet made

Film carriage: powerered by geared motor with frequency converter, chain drviven:

  • Top/bottom stop detectors
  • Cell for automatic detection of the height of the pallet
  • 2 speeds, independent from each other during the wrapping cycle
  • Gripping force controlled by electromagnetic brake (patent pending)
  • Permanent film monitoring

Rotating arm, with a mechanical safety device during rotation, driven by geared

  • Arm rotation: progressive start and stop
  • Indexed stop
  • Adjustable speed up to 15 turns / minute (the machine is installed within safety grids)
  • Adjustable wrapping cycles.