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Available options

Double machines installation allowing for a silmutaeous 2 pallets stretch wrapping


Pre-stretch film wrapping machine, with key-locked control panel.

Assembled parts of the machine:

Column: folded metal sheet made with a max wrapping height capacity of 2400 mm.

Bobbin carriage driven by gear motor and speed controllers includung:
- top/bottom stop detectors
- Cell for automatic detection of the height of pallet
- 2 speeds, independant from each other during the cycle
- Gripping force managed by electromagnetic brake (ATECMAA patent pending)
- Easy loading and unloading of the bobbin

A rotating arm installed within a safety enclosure, driven by gear motor.
- progressive start and stop
- Indexed stop
- Adjsutable speed up to 15 turns/min (the access to the installation is also controlled and protected by safety light mesh enclosure)

Adjustable cycles

Adjsutable setting of the number of top / bottom overwrapping turns and independant from each other.

From 100 to 300 % pre- stretching