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Integrated weighing

Different turntable diameters

Reinforced or custom loading ramp

Flush floor fitting

Low profile platform

Specific wrapping height


Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines

GX 3.52/3

The most automated stretch wrapping machine of the series with "pre-stretch": integrates multiple working modes and programs. GX 3.52 pallet stretch wrapper provides enhanced operator comfort.

GX 3.52 demonstration here 
Features control panel, arches and touchscreen

  • Suits wrapping pallets up to 2.40 m high
  • Turntable Ø 1600 mm
  • Pre-stretch rate: 150, 200 or 250 %
  • Electromagnetic roll brake
  • 6’' monochrome Proface "All in One" display touch panel
  • Mutiprogrammes x 9
  • Manual top sheet mode
  • Adjustable number of rotation at top/bottom
  • "Statistics" functions available
  • Touchscreen control panel can be installed remotely for optimum layout of the workstation
  • Ergonomic film loading system
  • Lockable settings with password
  • Foldable for transport/relocation