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Pallet stretch wrapping systems: LOGISTICS dedicated solutions

When a pallet stretch wrapping machine turns into the most efficient link in the supply chain!

With manufacturing located in France, ATECMAA PACKAGING offers three exclusive wrapping systems to suit your specific requirements.

Improving flow management is a priority for all industries. Our pallet stretch wrapping systems are specifically designed for production lines with limited pallet handling time. 

  • Handle two pallets at a time with two floor-mounted rotating arms. This solution is ideal for double pallet trucks. Wrapping cycles start almost simultaneously, cutting wrapping time by almost 50%.
  • Two turntables can be installed side by side and connected with an exclusive ramp configuration that enables two incoming pallets to be positioned at once. The operator activates the wrapping process for both pallets from a single control panel. Wrapping time is there divided by two !
  1. MAXILOG fast pallet wrapping systems:
  • The rotating arm is contained in a booth and can carry out the 5 wrapping steps faster, resulting in a flawless pallet stretch wrap that secures its load perfectly.
  1. Fully automatic MICRO-LINES :
  • The pallet is wrapped automatically, right from attaching the film through to cutting the film at the end of the cycle. The forklift driver saves time and exertion...

We assist you in selecting the appropriate handling and wrapping systems to fit your supply chain. Our team also assists you in managing wrapping-related physical strain and safety, optimizing workflow and order preperation, saving consumables, increasing wrapping quality for sensitive and light-weight merchandise, adapting to peaks in workload, integrating the weighing and labeling processes. 

ATECMAA PACKAGING serves many customers daily in a variety of sectors: logistics and logistics hubs, air freight and sea freight. 

Double stretch wrappers BBLOG GX double stretch wrappers

Stretch wrapper: MAXILOG rotating arm Micro-line rotating arm



"Our French distribution platform was equipped with previous generation semi-automatic stretch wrappers. We reorganized our order and shipping preparation process with the help of ATECMAA PACKAGING...
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Jean-Charles B.
Plant Manager – Food industry