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Combined successes: MAXILOG and the MX Micro-line

The great technology of the MAXILOG rotating arm ensures high productivity and reliability. Since launched and used as a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine, MAXILOG has met a great success on site.  Now, the rotating-arm machine has been integrated to the MX series of micro-automatic lines. The gripping force is controlled electronically by a patented electromagnetic roll brake programmable to 5 different setpoints during the wrapping phase. The system also features: permanent film monitoring and calculation of the consumption per pallet, adjustable speed of rotation, touchscreen progammable controller... Quality pallet stretch-wrapping is combined with the micro-lines concept which turns it into an ideal equipment for internal logistics.

ATECMAA PACKAGING has also designed a turntable micro-line solution. You can here also find out more about the explanation of increased productivity. 


stretch wrapping micro line





"Our French distribution platform was equipped with previous generation semi-automatic stretch wrappers. We reorganized our order and shipping preparation process with the help of ATECMAA PACKAGING...
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Jean-Charles B.
Plant Manager – Food industry